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Download Database Tour - View any database, easily create reports.  
Database Tour - View any database, easily create reports.

Filename: database-tour.exe, 1.8Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $97.00 to buy.

Database Tour, which I call the Swiss Army knife of databases is a universal database tool with report builder. Tested on Paradox, dBase, FoxPro, ASCII, Interbase, Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Lotus, HTML. Theoretically, it can work with other formats, if they are supported by database engine installed (BDE or ADO). Main features are:

-Viewing / Editing / Printing data from databases.
-Built-in report engine, which allows to produce the reports automatically or by using a visual report designer with templates, expressions, preview etc.
-Building and executing SQL queries. SQL syntax highlighting. -Enhanced database grids, which allow to view and manipulate the data in the most convenient way. -Creating, deleting, modifying BDE aliases.
-Command line support (for executing queries, opening tables, export-import operations, loading reports etc.).
-Searching / Replacing text in database.
-Import data to table from another table or a query.
-Export data from open table of any format to text, HTML, Excel, XML, RTF and to databases of other formats (which supported by database engine installed).
-Copying data to clipboard. -Calculating numeric fields (sum, avg, min, max, count).
-Viewing / Editing Blob data, such as MEMO, graphic, RTF. -Tools for editing text fields (trimming, changing case of symbols).
-Sorting (logical and physical) data. -Filtering data.
-Viewing table and database structure with ability to print, copy, sort it.
-Reindexing tables.
-Customized data view (font, background). Conditional formatting data.
-Ability to control transactions manually.
-Storing database and SQL history.

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