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dancing holiday turkey

Dancing Turkey - 3D turkey screensaver swing-dances to a boogie-woogie beat.

Filename: dancing-holiday-turkey.exe, 3.1Mb
Type: Shareware, $10.00

This one is positively WEIRD, it freaks me out but it's like a car wreck, you gotta watch but I'm not sure I'll ever eat turkey again....

3D roasted turkey swing-dances to a boogie-woogie beat. Turkey gets up off the table, drops to the floor, and swing-dances as 3D animated vegetables and fruits float around a formal dining scene. The back-window view shows snow gently falling on a wooded landscape. The registered version doesn't have the registration reminder overlay text and never expires. The music is 1930s swing-style in MP3 format, and the sound can be muted in the full version. The turkey is made of soy; no actual turkeys were harmed in the production of this screensaver. Choose additional animations if you'd like including more fruit, holly, Christmas ornaments and candy canes, a mix of all or none. Change number, size, fade, speed and type of animations. You can also change the screen saver's tint and brightness and you can also play MP3 music files of your own. Demo expires in 7 days. Registered version never expires, allows you to play up to 10 MP3 music files of your own & doesn't have the register reminder.


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