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daily backup


Daily Backup


Software Meister

Filename: dailybackup.exe, 1.1Mb
Type: Shareware, $19.95

Not only do you want to have your backups in case of a hard drive crash (believe me, I know firsthand!) but if you've ever overwritten that all important file a backup can save your bacon and tons of time recreating it.

This backup software saves your changed or newly created important files into a zip archive and afterwards shuts down the system or logs out. Thus at day's end all your work is backed up on a safe place.

You specify the directory to start the backup, the file types to be included into (or excluded from) the backup, and the archive directory the backup is to be stored. You'll find in this archive directory (it could be on a different computer, a different drive or a USB micro hard drive) the zip file with your specified files. Want something more permanent? Just put it on CD!

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