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Download Countdown Timer - Count down time until you have to do something else.  
Countdown Timer - Count down time until you have to do something else.

Filename: countdowntimer.zip, 258Kb
Type: Free.

I have a couple of problems, mostly that I'm not real bright. If I have to do something, get ready or whatever in n minutes I'm constantly looking at the clock and thinking "okay, now I have to start getting ready at 10 till in order to blah, blah, blah." which just takes too much brain power. What I needed was a count down timer so I could set it, put it in an unused area of the screen and glance at it every once in a while. A quick glance tells me that I have n minutes to wrap whatever I'm doing up.

Problem was I couldn't find anything simple. There were some nice timers but they were kitchen sink tools. I wanted simple.

So I decided to play with the free Visual Basic development "environment" or whatever fancy name compilers are called these days and came up with a modest sized 410 byte (yeah, that's BYTES) program.

The install routine isn't real professional and you will need .NET 2.0 which you probably have. If not it's available for free from Microsoft.

To install download and extract the ZIP file. Click on the setup program in the countdown folder and that should install the little bugger. It'll show up on your start menu as PCNet-online.com (sneaky way to advertise). It can be removed via the add/control panel where it's listed as "Countdown timer".

I may add some features such as the ability to customize the sound when time runs out.

If you have any problems drop by the forum and let me know and I'll be glad to try and help.

And yes, there is no EULA to click so let me say; it's free. If it causes your computer to blow up fergetaboutit.

Download Countdown Timer Now

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