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Downloads -> Windows Utilities -> Security Tools -> Computer Watchdog

Download Computer Watchdog - Monitor and restrict any and everything that goes on with your computer.
Computer Watchdog - Monitor and restrict any and everything that goes on with your computer.

Filename: computer-watchdog.exe, 3.6Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $35.00 to buy.

This is the perfect tool for parents who want more control over their children's computer use.

You can tell Watchdog to allow only you to log in before any time of the day you choose and shutdown at any time you choose. Each day can have its own settings.

Password protect your sensitive documents, programs, folders and even complete hard drives from prying young eyes.

The internet filter and popup blocker lets you set the limits as to what your child sees on the internet. The filter allows you to not only block specific sites on the internet but also blocks any word or phrase you set.

Best of all, no one but you can stop or shutdown the program.

Great for businesses who want to restrict internet activity such as surfing and file downloads.

Restrict file or folder deletion, stop access to the registry editor and the control panel and even the task manager.

Watchdog can be configured to start automatically each time the computer is started and perform three different computer shutdown events, shutdown, reboot or log-off.

Restrict user access to only those programs on the desktop.

Auto-lock the desktop for security when you are away. Either immediately or after a period of inactivity you set.

Download Computer Watchdog Now

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