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Club Backup - Safe, secure online backup at a cheap price.

Club Backup - Cheap online backup that is safe and secure.


Filename: clubbackupsetup.exe, 2.6Mb

Safe, secure and affordable online backup.

From the Print Screen Deluxe folks comes a great online backup product. Just download the client, set up an account and you're good to go.

Cost depends on how much you back up and how frequently you want to pay.

Up to 1Gb is free. Up to 20Gb is $ 4.95 a month or $ 59.00 a year. Up to 50Gb is $ 7.95 a month or $ 89.00 a year and for jumbo needs up to 100Gb is $14.95 a month or $179.00 a year.

The client is easy to use, will keep files synchronized automatically so these are backups that are going to get done. Worth checking out.

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