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Downloads -> Games -> Online Game Cheats -> Play Buddy Checkers Buddy Pogo

Download Checkers Buddy Pogo - Cheat for Pogo online checkers game. Can even autoplay.  
Checkers Buddy Pogo - Cheat for Pogo online checkers game. Can even autoplay.


Filename: checkers-buddy-pogo.exe, 3.1Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $19.99 to buy.

Checkers Buddy is the ultimate checkers companion. Developed specifically for the Pogo Checkers™ games, this specialized checkers auto is the king of King Me's. When there are threatened Pogo rating and you can't afford losses, you'll be relieved to know that there's a sturdy and precise tool that will be there to help you -- that tool is Checkers Buddy Pogo. So whether you're a player who has difficulty seeing the best move, or are determined to rake in the wins (not to mention dominate your opponent), make sure to play with this quintessential Checkers cheat. Checkers Buddy Pogo will absolutely improve your Checkers game and maximize your Pogo tokens and rating.

What's more Checkers Buddy Pogo is completely undetectable and since it will autoplay for you can you can earn thousands of  Pogo points while you work or sleep - get Pogo ratings faster than ever before!

Download Checkers Buddy Pogo Now

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