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Graphing Calculator 3D Professional - Graphing Calculator 3D is an easy-to-use tool that plots 2D and 3D functions.
Berokyo - Desktop organizer and quick launch application.
Time Billing Window - Track and bill your time. Easy to use time billing system.
SyncCell to Motorola - The best way to sync your Outlook Calendar and Contacts to your Motorola RAZR cell phone.
Time Clock Window - Stop calculating employee time by hand. Easily track employee's hours worked.
PayWindow - The best payroll system for Windows.
Alpha Journal - Keep a (very private) journal, diary or log. Keep track of virtually any type of information.
Label Designer Plus - A single, powerful product for all your labeling needs.
Date & Time Calculator - Easily add and/or subtract date and time intervals.
Everything I Own - Create a complete inventory of everything you own in the event of theft or disaster.
TK8 Personnel HRM - Cheap (okay, inexpensive) personnel management. Shift scheduling, evaluation, reporting and more.
P.A.U.L.A - An artificial intelligence program that can almost be mistaken for human.
JobTabs Job Search and Resume Manager - Organize and execute a successful job search by having the perfect resume for every opportunity you pursue.
Statistics Problem Solver - Statistics tutoring software that not only solves statistical problems, but also generates step-by-step solutions.
All2TXT - Extracts simple text from PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, RTF, HTM and HLP files.
Yucca Accounts Manager - Stock management, invoicing, accounting and reporting for small retail business all in one package.
Historical Stock Quotes Downloader - Downloads free historical and Intraday stock quotes, FOREX, commodity futures, mutual funds, corporate bonds, metals, in MetaStock, ASCII text or spread-sheet format.
Font Commander - Makes working with Fonts in Word and PowerPoint a snap.
Tray Selector - Word add-in to simplify any Word printing task.
Lexicon - Word add-in to organize and checks defined terms.
Lingo Language Trainer - Easily Learn Foreign Words and Phrases.
eReminder SE - A full featured calendar application for planning, managing and scheduling.
Family Picture Calendar - Create customized calendars with your events and graphics.
Security Monitor Pro - Professional Video surveillance software. Supports multiple IP cameras.
EarBoost - Become a better musician, train yourself to play music by ear.
eTaskScheduler - Manage tasks, schedules, reminders, note and more.
TimeSage - Time sheet and time and project tracking tool.
Academic Flashcards - The tried and true method of learning - Flashcards for your computer.
Personnel Resource Management - Inexpensive, easy to use human resource management.
LivePad - Research tool, information manager and note taker.
Reportizer - Easily create, modify and print database reports.
Business CRM - Complete CRM; manage contacts and activities, track sales and opportunities and more.
Database Tour Pro - Universal database tool with report builder.
Enterprise Manager - Affordable enterprise software with billing, inventory, more.
Exportizer Pro - View, edit, filter, copy, export database to file or clipboard.
XLS Regenerator - Recover deleted/corrupted Microsoft Excel files.
Power Age Sky Simulator - Full featured planetarium software.
Say the Time - Your computer will announce the date, time or both at specified intervals.
Daily Bible and Prayer -  Bible reading plan, daily devotional, and prayer tracker.
Big Oven Recipe Software -  Quick, integrated access to over 150,000 recipes.
Ace Reader Pro - Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader Software
Total Power Guitar - Teach yourself to play the guitar.
Judy's Kitchen - Make weekly meal planners, create shopping lists, organize your recipe collection.
Personal Trainer One - Personal food, exercise, and weight management.
Find and Replace All - Advanced find and replace for Excel.
AMF Daily Planner and PIM - Keep track of everything.
GoldWord Translation Software - Translate languages in almost any applications. With speech.
Ultimate Organizer - Easy to use daily planner, calendar, desktop clock, notepad and more.
My Personal Translator - Language translation for 15 different languages.
statistiXL - Powerful statistical routines for Excel.
InfoPro - Easy to use but powerful free form database.
Email Address Collector - Grab all your email address from email folders; Outlook, OE, more.
Stock Explorer StockExplorer is an explorer like tool for online investors and day traders to perform research.
TaskPrompt Complete all your daily and scheduled tasks on time.
Personal Helper Mini notebook, alarm clock and more.
RapidGEN Pro- Full featured Access database, GedCom compatible.
DOC Regenerator Recover corrupt or lost Microsoft Word documents.
Black Hole Organizer Organize all your documents just the way you need. Save, export, print, even email your docs directly from Black Hole.
TradeTracker Outstanding portfolio management with many features.
askSam Totally free form database, no programming required. Catalog virtually anything.
StockQuoter Free quotes! Create graphs for your investments to maximize your investments.




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