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download alphaxp  

AlphaXP - Transparent windows, the ultimate in PC personalization.



Filename: alphaxp.exe, 1.7Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $14.95 to buy.

AlphaXP is a unique and powerful piece of software that will change the way you use Windows. It harnesses the power of transparency already built into Windows 2000/XP and gives that control directly to you in powerful and practical ways. It is the most advanced Windows transparency system enhancement available today, sporting tons of powerful features, excellent customizability, user-friendly interface, great help and much, much more! Here is a short list of some of AlphaXP's feature highlights: Gives you the power to change any window's transparency with the ease of a keyboard shortcut, click of a menu, or click of a button. Two smooth Fade Effects that are highly useful and creates strikingly beautiful eye candy that gives your computer a futuristic feel. Advanced Transparency - which is a set of special techniques that builds upon the standard Windows transparency and eliminates flicker and other glitches from both Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Menu and Tooltip Transparency that is fully compatible with almost all menu and tooltip types out there. Taskbar Transparency that includes a cool Fade-In feature, which smoothly fades-in the taskbar whenever you mouse over it. Unrestricted Control - Almost everything in Windows can be made transparent and if it can be made transparent AlphaXP allows you to set it to any transparency level possible, from fully opaque to totally invisible. Completely Customizable - Every feature can be individually toggled on or off and can be further customized with useful options and thoughtful preferences. Also, AlphaXP as a whole can be customized with desirable start options and skins. Easy-To-Use - AlphaXP is built with users in mind. All of AlphaXP's features have clear, concise, helpful tooltips that even a Windows novice could understand. AlphaXP also includes a website style help file that explains everything in-depth using plain english with pictures and animations. There is even more to AlphaXP we could list here (such as interface enhancements like minimizing to the system tray, advanced menus, control enhancements, every feature's customization, the list goes on and on :) but the best way to learn about AlphaXP is to try it out for yourself. AlphaXP comes with a free, fully functional 7 day trial.

Download AlphaXP

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