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System Utilities -> File & Folder Security

Download Advanced File Lock  

Advanced File Lock - Instantly lock any file with a password with a click.


Filename: advanced-file-lock.exe, 662Kb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $29.95 to buy.

Instantly lock any file with a password with a couple of clicks. One a file is locked it cannot be read or used by anyone until it is unlocked with a password.

After installing Advanced File Lock simply right click the file you want to lock,  Advanced File Lock appears on the right click menu. Select it and choose a password and wham, the file is locked. To unlock it just repeat the process, supply the password and it's then back to normal access.

Works with any type of files, movies, financial records, email files, video games, even encrypt a file before emailing. Advanced file lock will even lock all files in a folder using the same right click method.

Download Advanced File Lock Now

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