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advanced system optimizer


Advanced System Optimizer - Clean up your computer and speed it up

Filename: advancedsystemoptimizer.exe, 9.0Mb
Type: Shareware, $39.95

Advanced System Optimizer (ASO) v2 includes 30+ tools to supercharge your PC's performance and more than 200 tweaks to customize Windows to your liking, and improve performance. New features in version 2 has 30+ tools: includes a spyware detective, email checker, icon manager, fast emailer, comprehensive backup tool for outlook & files-folders. You can back up the Registry and restore it if it is damaged by a virus attack. The system cleaner removes junk and obsolete files from the system; files that are often missed by the system uninstaller, defrag, and scandisk programs. Registry cleaner ensure that invalid information is removed. Registry defragger help you get maximum speed from your computer. Be it a businessman who wants that system is optimized for the applications used daily, a home user who wants to improve computer performance and postpone the purchase of a new machine, a network administrator/computer consultant who investigates and corrects performance problems in users computers, Advanced System Optimizer has all the tools.

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