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activeprint, print pocket word or pocket excell docs on your PC




Pocket Watch Software

Filename: activeprint.exe, 1.3Mb
Type: Shareware, $29.99

ActivePrint solves a huge bottleneck for Pocket PCs (no, it's not a keyboard!) and it really works!

Slap ActivePrint on your PC and it'll allow you to print many standard document types like Pocket Word or Pocket Excel. But while many other Pocket PC printing solutions stop there, ActivePrint breaks through with as many as 60 compatible document types. ActivePrint 3.1 also gives you the ability to print many lesser known (but no less usable) document types. Here's all it takes to print your documents:

> A Pocket PC running Pocket PC 2002 or greater
> An ActiveSync connection (USB, Wirless LAN, or Bluetooth) to a Windows 2000/XP desktop or laptop
> Desktop software that is capable of printing your document types
> A standard printer connected to you desktop or laptop.

And did I say that unlike other things I've tried it really works?

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