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Downloads -> Games -> Gambling/Chance Games -> 1 Great Craps Game

Download 1 Great Craps Game - Realistic craps game simulation. Play craps without losing your shirt.  

1 Great Craps Game - Realistic craps game simulation. Play craps without losing your shirt.


Filename: 1great-craps-game.exe, 9.0Mb
Type: Shareware. Free to try, $19.99 to buy.

I'm told my gamblers that craps is the way to go when you visit a casino and I've had more luck with craps than with any other game (that means I lost money more slowly). Since I don't gamble much I find that everything I've learned about craps has pretty much gone out the window the next time I have the chance to play. 1 Great Craps Game is so realistic that it's an outstanding "training" tool for the real thing. Well, that was my excuse but I found that it's so much fun I'd rather sit at my desk and play it (and not lose any money) rather than do the real thing.

1 Great Craps Game has an intuitive bet interface provides easy access to all craps game bets. Adjust your starting bank roll to a figure you are comfortable with and adjust your bet range based on bet units, there are no table limits for betting. A realistic craps table with betting chips makes the game very enjoyable, there are several craps tables and rooms provided with the game. All computer generated players are Microsoft agents that are capable of digital voice generation. The game dealer provides commentary as the game is played. A complete game history of up to 1000 dice rolls is provided for all players. A game "Money Manager" can be selected that reinforces strict money management by using a percentage of your game bank roll for a winning and a separate losing percentage stop place, the game will then simulate starting at a new craps table at a different time.

Download 1 Great Craps Game Now

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