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Don Watkins

Effective Bible Study

By Don Watkins



I've put off this review for years. Not because I don't like the software, not even close.

The problem is that the software is so good that I fear I can't do it justice. But I'll give it a shot.

Bible study isn't easy for me for a variety of reasons but perhaps chief among them is that there's just so much "stuff" out there. Millions of words have been written about the Bible and even with the Internet sloshing through them and gathering them together in a cohesive manner is pretty near impossible even with a freeform database.

SwordSearcher puts various Bible translations and commentaries into one of the best crafted, well though out and cohesive bits of programming I've ever encountered.

Firstly it's a compendium of various Bible translations; King James, King James with Strong's Lexicon Links, King James 1611 edition, Wycliffe Translation, Tyndale Translation, Geneva, Bishops, American Standard, John Darby, World English, Young's Literal and King James 2000.

All with instant search and ease of switching from one translation to another. Or even compare translations.

Then there are the commentaries; Abbott, Barnes, Burkitt, Calvin, Clarke, Darby, Gaebelein, Hole, Bill, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown, Keil and Delitzsch, Larkin and another dozen or so.

And books and guides including Andrew Miller's Church History, Great Preaching's of the Faith, How to Study the Bible, Spurgeon Sermons and The Fundamentals. Along with another dozen or so.

Add in maps and illustrations.

Throw in searching, bookmarks, highlighting and the ability to instantly look up a verse and access comments on that verse from any of the above and you have the most comprehensive and easy to use Bible study assist you could hope for. Every aspect has been figured and there's nothing you'd want to do that you can't do.

Let's take a look:

Click on image to enlarge

The left pane shows the scripture along with linked commentary and the bottom right shows the commentary for the relevant passage from the selected source. Click on another tab for commentary from another source. Click on the "Bible" entry on the menu bar and select the translations you would like to compare side by side.

There are other features as well. Click on "Devotional" in the menu bar and select from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional or today's Proverb.

While the content is indeed impressive the elegance of how all the parts work together is just plain impressive and I just can't do it justice.

Given that I hope this will pique your interest and I would strongly encourage you to download SwordSearcher demo and judge for yourself. The demo is only a sub-set of the actual program content which is distributed on CD as, with all the material, it's a whopper, but I think it will give you a good feel of how the programs works and an appreciation for it's elegance.

Highly recommended. The full version of SwordSearcher will run you $59.95. It might be the best sixty bucks you've ever spent.

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