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Organize a company roadmap

Your company's roadmap is a key to your strategic planning, as it solidifies how your ideas will transform into tangible things. Organizing a roadmap can help your team stay focused and motivated when they're deep in high-intensity tasks. An organized roadmap also enables you to convince skeptical/potential stakeholders that their investment in your company will be worthwhile. If you follow your roadmap, you'll successfully make good on that promise.

What is a business roadmap?

A business roadmap outlines your steps to achieve the most ambitious business goals successfully. Stakeholders use business roadmaps to communicate a company’s vision, scale, innovate, and plan at every growth stage. Regardless of industry or market, roadmaps are essential tools that help everyone in the organization understand key objectives, identify potential roadblocks, and track progress.

Some of the most common roadmaps are:

  • Marketing strategy roadmap
  • Visionary roadmap
  • Enterprise architecture roadmap
  • Startup roadmap
  • Product roadmap
  • Project management roadmap

What should be included in a company roadmap?

A company roadmap should be a clear and concise document that outlines the company’s plans for the future, information on the company’s current and future products/services, marketing and sales goals, and research and development plans. However, the most critical components in a high-quality product roadmap include:

  • Vision. 
  • Strategy. 
  • Requirements. 
  • An overarching plan. 
  • Metrics.

Organize your roadmap with purpose-built road mapping software

There are many tools that help you build a custom roadmap that is dynamic and collaborative.


Roadmunk is the perfect(paid) tool for anyone who wants to create a detailed and informative roadmap. Its easy-to-use templates allow you to customize your roadmap to fit your specific needs. Plus, you can edit and update templates on Roadmunk, so you never have to worry about losing your work or formatting issues – leaving no room for gymnastics in Excel and PPT.


This free tool is the most simple and efficient for workflow planning. You can use it to create a project management roadmap for your teams to complete a project under a particular turnaround time. You can create tasks for each team member and organize them in a tree hierarchy with each employee’s name. There are clean and interactive lists, box, and board views for a crisp and welcoming workflow representation. Moreover, you can integrate 500+ tools if you prefer to use multiple software solutions.


ProductPlan is a beautiful roadmap-building tool that’s designed to help product managers impress stakeholders with clear and easily shareable visual roadmaps. It has many customizable templates that you can personalize according to your product requirements using its drag-and-drop builder. Plus, it can create multiple levels of viewing access for stakeholders. For instance, you can set a more granular version for the development team and a simple version dictating vision and direction for investors, thus saving time creating multiple roadmaps for every stakeholder.


It’s one of the most popular and comprehensive tools for incorporating product strategy, boasting above 500,000 users. You can easily create a compelling visual roadmap with a timeline and details tailored to particular stakeholders, set a product strategy, crowdsource ideas, and report on progress. The drag-and-drop builder enables you to collaborate with team members, thus making product development easier in myriad ways. There is a 30-day free trial to test all features and then $59/month per user (if paid annually) for the Enterprise plan.


It encapsulates a variety of product management tools, including a GANTT chart, kanban board, calendar, or planner. It also provides scrum team management features and project management tools. The free plan is pretty comprehensive and sufficient for your team’s needs. You can also upgrade to get more advanced features, such as allowing stakeholders to view your roadmap.