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1) Registry First Aid
2) Replay Music
3) HDD Regenerator
4) Move me
5) Selkie Rescue

New Arrivals

RegistryBooster - Deep scan, clean and repair the Windows registry.
Driver Scanner - Keep your drivers updated for maximum performance.
3D Fireworks Extravaganza- Put a bang into your screensaver.
Mixcraft - Multi-track audio recorder; create a podcast, remix a song, more.
Deuces Wild Buddy MSN - Cheat and autoplay for MSN's Deuces Wild poker game.
Battleship Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's online Battleship game.
Memeo Instant Backup- Simple and easy backup to a local drive.
Memeo Backup Premium - Simple automatic and continuous backup, local and remote.
Lost Temple Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Lost Temple Poker game.
Jokers Wild Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Jokers Wild Poker game.
HiStake Poker Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's HiStake Poker game.
Boggle Bash Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Boggle Bash game.
WinX DVD Ripper Platinum - Backup, convert, rip your DVD in 5 minutes.
Disk Doctors Undelete - Recover deleted files from hard drive, flash drives, SD cards and USB and Firewire drives.
Caribbean Islands 3D Screensaver - Tired of the snow? Step away to a tropical paradise.
Glary Utilities - Fix, speed up, maintain and protect your Windows PC.
Disk Doctors Instant File Recovery - Recovers deleted file, even after the Recycle Bin has been emptied.
Casino Island Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Casino Island blackjack game. Maximize your Pogo tokens, automatically.
Disk Doctors Email (.DBX) Recovery - Repairs and recovers damaged DBX and EML files (Outlook Express).
Omaha Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's 6th Street Omaha poker game. Maximize your Pogo tokens, automatically.
Blackjack Carnival Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Blackjack game. Maximize your Pogo tokens, automatically.
Disk Doctors Windows Data Recovery - Recover deleted files, even after being removed from the recycle bin, even recover deleted partitions.
Canasta Buddy Yahoo - Cheat and autoplay for Yahoo's Canasta game.
Golf Sol Buddy Pogo- Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Golf Sol game.
Double Deuce Buddy Pogo - Cheat and autoplay for Pogo's Double Deuce game.
3D Ghosts in the Graveyard ScreenSaver - Mysterious 3D ghosts haunt a graveyard filled with headstones and mausoleum.
Graphing Calculator 3D Professional - Graphing Calculator 3D is an easy-to-use tool that plots 2D and 3D functions.
InfoHesiveEP  - Easy to use digital content conversion program and digital publisher.
Berokyo - Desktop organizer and quick launch application.

   Moving Programs And Files To A New Computer

There's nothing like a new computer but whew, getting all your old programs installed can be a pain.

But wait, there are programs that will do more than just move files over making the process of putting the personal in personal computer as easy as a few clicks including moving most of your programs.

But then there are some that work better than others, get the low down on what works, and how they work.

Application Moving Software Review
 How To Speed Up Your Computer

Let's face it, you're never going to speed up your old computer to the level of brand new hardware but there are quite a few things that you can do that will  perk it up.

No snake oil, no magic cures, just the best way to get it back to where it was when your first got it, or, if you're willing to do a little work, even better.

How To Speed Up Your Computer.
Replay Media catcher review   Replay Media Catcher - Capture Streaming Flash and MP3 Video and Audio

Frustrated when that favorite video can't be located or worse yet, has been yanked? Burning bandwidth replaying the same video over and over? Have a favorite streaming radio station you'd like to capture for those times you can't get connected?

Simply save any Flash movie or any audio to your hard drive and replay as often as you like or listen/watch when you're not connected. No degree is wizardry required, just mash the record button and you're done.

Read the review and try the demo
crashed hard drive recovery   Selkie Rescue - The ultimate solution for file recovery from a crashed or infected hard drive

If you have a crashed drive without a backup or your computer is so infected with malware there's now way to log in and retrieve files there's finally an inexpensive solution. Selkie Rescue allows for the recovery of data from a crashed or trashed hard drive without shipping the drive to a drive recovery service and paying huge bucks for the privilege. 

The latest version of this trashed/crashed drive recovery tool is better than ever. The core function of recovering data from a hard drive has been retained and other functions and improvements have been added.

Get the details on Selkie Rescue and download a trial.
   Elegant Bible Study Software

Bible study can be difficult if for no other reason than there's just a load of information out there that can be hard to piece together. Not to mention multiple translations.

Sword Searcher puts information together in a cohesive and comprensive program that's easy to use and has every feature you can think of. Truly elegant.

Best Bible Study Software - SwordSearcher 
   Update your drivers...automatically.

Tired of searching all over the net for updated/fixed drivers on to find that while it looked like they were the right ones for your hardware....they aren't. Ouch.

Driver Reviver solves that problem with a click.

Driver Reviver scans your computer, determines what drivers it needs and then accesses one of the largest and most complete driver and software libraries around to find the most current drivers for your devices and hardware. Nothing could be easier.

Download the 2.3Mb demo  or get more info.
   Print Screen Deluxe - A Screen Capture Program That Won't Put You To Sleep

I've been using print screen/screen capture programs since DOS 1.0 but frankly since Windows they have, well, they've been pretty doggone boring. Every once in a while I'd run into one that looks promising only to find that it puts me to sleep. I gotta tell ya, Print Screen Deluxe was like a triple shot espresso. Plus I had to put my socks back on because it knocked them off.

If you've given up on finding a good one or didn't think you needed one you owe it to yourself to check out the full review.
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